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    Difference between cold and novel coronavirus

    A cold is a common cold. In addition to the common cold, there is influenza in winter and spring. Huizhi medical equipment automation said that common cold mainly manifested as fever, sore throat, runny nose and sneezing. Generally, fever lasts for 2-3 days and will improve. The fever of novel coronavirus pneumonia lasted for more than 3 days, but the symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection were not obvious, such as cough, expectoration and runny nose. The novel coronavirus pneumonia is infectious disease, it has transmission, and it is contagious between human beings. It is transmitted directly through respiratory droplets. Novel coronavirus can be contagious through contact infection, such as flying foam on doorknobs, someone touching the handle, contaminated hands and touching their mouths, nose and eyes. Influenza is characterized by a certain degree of infectivity, but the onset is more acute, the body temperature is relatively high, generally above 39 degrees, systemic symptoms are more obvious, such as myalgia, headache, dizziness and a series of symptoms, but also respiratory symptoms.

    Huizhi medical equipment automation said that in terms of laboratory examination, if a patient with influenza, when doing throat swab in fever clinic, it can be found that influenza A or B is positive. After the common cold arrives in the hospital, under normal circumstances, the white blood cells in the blood routine of virus infection are generally not high or even reduced, and the proportion of lymphocyte is increased. Novel coronavirus novel coronavirus novel coronavirus pneumonia can be found in the hospital for blood routine examination. It is found that white blood cells are not high, but lymphocytes are progressively decreasing. No matter the common cold or influenza lungs, there is no shadow. The new coronavirus pneumonia can be seen in the lungs of the lungs because of the inflammation of the lungs. Therefore, there is a clear difference between the cold and the new coronavirus pneumonia.