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- Grasp market opportunities with a forward insight to make clients take the lead at initial stage.
Mission: Adhere to industrial upgrading of industry automation.
Vision: Huizhi Technology strives to become an influential brand in automation industry.
Management philosophy:Integrity & dedication, quality assurance, efficiency & innovation, sincere service.
Core value: Passion, responsibility, dedication,efficiency.
Service aim:Sincere service, promote clients’ success.
Action policy:Target, plan, follow-up, adjustment.
Design philosophy:Think others scarcely dare to think, be thoughtful in action.
Talent philosophy:Great ability leads to broad stage.
Employee philosophy:Be fully responsible, win good reputation.
Marketing philosophy:Brand management, value sale.
Action philosophy: Never put off till tomorrow what may be done today; Be truthful in speech and firm in action.
Quality policy:Scientific management, continuous improvement.
Development strategy: Leading brand, industry features.
Decision-making conception: Systematic thinking, bold conceiving, timely correction, continuous progress.